Website hosting and iPage

19 Jan

In this post I will write down how to host a website at iPage and route a domain from to the hosting.

  • add an A record in pointing to iPage hosting server IP.
  • in iPage go to Domains ==> import domain
  • on the next screen select add existing domain. (Add your domain but keep your current registrar.)

no we if someone opens your domain, DNS will point to A record. Thus traffic is forwarded to iPage hosting. Now traffic reaches the server, but we need to route the traffic to the website directory. To do this we need to add a pointer in our hosting. But by default this option is not shown on our dashboard.

All domains you added to your iPage hosting will be listed here, select the domain you want to add the pointer.

You will see these options. Select pointers.

Select Subdirectory ==> /folder_where_your_website_files_are_stored.

Now the traffic is routed to your website directory.

You need to change any domain reference in your website files. for example if you are using a wordpress template, inside wp-admin you may have assigned a domain URL, when you change the domain maping on iPage you must also change the same inside your code as well.

How do I change the WordPress Site URL?

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