Create VLAN in fortigate 30D

05 Jan

By default all ports are members of a hardware switch. remove one of the port from the switch. for example port 4. Now we will create our VLANs under this port.

fgt#config system interface
fgt(interface)#edit <vlan-name>#if vlan-name not exist, vlan will be created.
fgt(<vlan-name>)#set interface lan4 #assign this vlan to the lan4 port.
fgt(<vlan-name>)#set ip <give an ip in vlan range/24>#set ip for the vlan port
fgt(<vlan-name>)#set vlanid <id># set VLAN ID
#Vlan ID and Name are not same,eg. Vlan-Name = Wireless, VlanID= 70
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Posted by on January 5, 2021 in Fortigate


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