SOTI Mobicontrol: IP address, Firewall Issues!

14 Jun

Upcoming changes to SOTI Services may impact our operations.

SOTI is upgrading the infrastructure which hosts SOTI Services which are leveraged by SOTI MobiControl. The upgrade will result in SOTI MobiControl accessing SOTI Services via some additional IP addresses.

What Should You Do?


    1. What is the reason for this change?
SOTI is upgrading its hosting infrastructure for improved performance and reliability.
    2. What is the impact of the change?
As a result of this change, SOTI MobiControl’s invocation of SOTI Services may occur on some new IP addresses. Enterprise networks which are configured to strictly whitelist only certain IP addresses will block these invocations unless the actions defined above are taken.
    3. Am I impacted?
Customers using SOTI MobiControl on a network where firewalls or other network appliances are in place, which restricts access to Internet services based on IP addresses, are impacted by this change.
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