38 Amazing Websites You Might Have Missed

01 Apr

1. A Soft Murmur
Just play around with the sliders to achieve your perfectly calming background noise. It’s impossible not to try every one and each has its own unique charm (we could listen to ‘fire’ all day every day).

2. A Good Movie To Watch 
One of life’s perennial problems: trying to think of a good movie to watch. This website takes care of it with quality suggestions that aren’t exactly well-known. If anything, a few clicks of a random suggestion will get you to something that will catch your interest.

3. Hacker Typer 
Type any gibberish and it comes up as code in that black/green color from every hacker movie ever. This will excite and entertain you for 30 seconds as you pretend you are hacking into some important mainframe like some sort of spy.

4. The Wiki Game
Simple: get from one Wikipedia page to another in the quickest time period or the least clicks. You’ll need to use your judgement here to decide which link will take you closest to the destination (while also getting a tour around some of the more fascinating and unique pages of Wikipedia).

5. Mathway 
Solves any kind of math problem, from basic math to chemical equations.
you don’t get the steps to solving the equation unless you upgrade your account.

6. Fake Name Generator
For when you need a whole new identity.

7. What the Font 
Website and app that figures out what font something is when you upload a picture

8. Account Killer 
Super simple instructions to delete just about any online account or profile.

9. Down for Everyone or Just Me?
To check if a site is down only for you or everyone.Shows you exactly how to close any social media account forever, not just disable them

10. Date to Date Calculator
Find out exactly how many days/months/years passed between two dates

11. Online Alarm Clock 
Online digital clock with alarm function. You can set some cool background as well.

12. Word Frequency Counter
Great for finding all the words and phrases you overuse in your writing

13. Flip Text
Flip text and then use it on Twitter or Facebook

14. This to That
Find out which adhesive to use to attach one material to another. Basic but useful.

15. ManualsLib
A handy library of PDF user manuals for almost anything.

16. Gifprint
Turn an animated gif into a printable flip book. Probably the most useful website of all time.

17. Draw a stick man
Draw a stick man and go for an adventure

18. The Useless web! 
Wanna kill some time? lets browse some useless web.

19. What should I read next? 
Recommendation for what to read next.

20. Zero dollar movies.
Movies that are available to stream without paying anything. Mostly YouTube links but with a neat interface.

21. Web Capture 
capture a web page. you just need to give the URL.

22. color palettes from images 
Create color palettes from images. Simply paste a URL of a photo and voila!

23. Fact clock
Learn something new every minute.

This website allow you to download old versions of popular software.

The best GoPro videos on the web.

26. Cloud Convert 
convert anything to anything

27. Random street-view 
Globetrotting on a budget

28. Earth nullschool 
Wind map of the Earth

Want to see what a 320 gigapixel image looks like?

30. Flightradar24. 
Real time air traffic.

Learn anything, free.

What happened in your birth year?

List of default router passwords.

Huge collection of royalty free music for your projects.

Free public domain audiobooks.

A free mind mapping tool.

An cloud collection of all radio channels available online

check if your passwords were leaked in any of the recent hacking.

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