FortiGate: Upgrading the firmware via CLI

17 Jan

To use the following procedure, you must have a TFTP or FTP server that FortiDB can connect to. You must also log in using the “admin” administrator account.

  1. Start the FTP or TFTP server.
  2. Copy the new firmware image file to the FTP or TFTP server.
  3. Log into the CLI.
  4. Verify that FortiDB can connect to the FTP or TFTP server. For example, if the IP address of the TFTP server is, enter the CLI command:
    execute ping
  5. Enter the following command to copy the firmware image from the TFTP server to FortiDB:
    execute restore image ftp  
    execute restore image tftp  

    Where is the name and location of the firmware image file and or is the IP address of the FTP or TFTP server. For example, if the firmware image file name is image.out and the IP address of the FTP or TFTP server is, enter:

    execute restore image tftp image.out

    FortiDB responds with the message:

    This operation will replace the current firmware version!
    Do you want to continue? (y/n)
  6. Type y. FortiDB downloads the firmware image file, upgrades to the new firmware version, and restarts. This process takes a few minutes.
  7. Reconnect to the CLI.
  8. To confirm the new firmware image is successfully installed, enter:
    get system status
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